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We understand the enjoyment of vacationing with your pet. . Most establishments in the area do not accept pets and  therefore these rules are needed in order to make a relaxing and  enjoying stay for our guests with and without pets. Our policy is to  charge a pet fee of       $10.00 per night.

The following are our rules for dogs on the premises:

Dogs are not to be left unattended in or outside of the cottages at any time. Acadia Woods Kennel is nearby and does "pet day care" as well as overnights: (207) 288-9766. We will be glad to give you further information.


Exception: If your dog is well adapted to its own kennel and  you are able to guarantee a "non-barking" dog during you're absence from the cottage then you are allowed to leave your pet unattended. However, you will be required to leave a cell phone number during your check-in  just in case during your absence, your dog begins barking you can be  contacted immediately to come tend to him/her.
No exceptions will be made for guests without the use of a cell phone.

Please restrain your dog - always have it on a leash.  You may walk your pet anywhere on the grounds, and there is a wooded  area behind the cottages for walking, also. You are expected to clean up after your pet.

If you forgot your dog's feeding dish, let us know, we have spares. Please do not use the dishes in the cottage.

Do not allow your dog on the bedding or furniture. Paw stained, claw snagged and hair infested bedding will be disposed of and you are responsible for the replacement costs.


Once again, welcome to Rose Eden Cottages - be sure to stop in for a doggy treat!

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to discuss them with us.